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We Don’t Poop on Hazel Dell

Annie was hurting. By hurting I mean, she was trying to quit because she was worried she was going to lose her poop on Hazell Dell Road. You need to understand that Annie and I have run many, many miles together. I know her well.  I know when she needs a break and when she […]

What to stop and what to start doing to be a better speaker, no matter who you’re talking to.

“I walked out of the conference room and straight to the hotel bar.” Clearly, things didn’t go well for Ann. She’s a senior VP of an employee benefits firm, self-proclaimed anxious speaker, and a recovering perfectionist. She was venting to me about a conference she recently spoke at. “It wasn’t supposed to be a big […]

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What is Presence Anyway?

I’m glad you opened this today because I’m talking about a hot topic in leadership development. Presence (aka executive presence, leadership presence, professional presence)  Let’s get right down to business, shall we? What it is and why does it matter?  First, know that there’s no official definition of  *executive* presence. (Go ahead, ask Google…I’ll wait) There’s a […]

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The one thing people really want from you when you talk

Picture this: you’re at work and trying to explain to Steve (a co-worker) how a new software program works. You think you’re giving directions that are clear, however, Steve is getting fidgety. Then he turns red in the face and then gets so frustrated that he blurts out… “JUST STOP! Save the mumbo jumbo would […]

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What a Group of 7th Grade Girls Can Teach You About Business Storytelling.

The Five Ps of Your Business Story My daughter and about 40 other tween and teenage girls participated in local STEM event a week or so ago.   Lured in by swag bags and brownies the girls were highly encouraged to stay for the remainder of the program; a keynote, panel and group activity.  I’m […]