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Big Goal=Accomplished

It’s time to CELEBRATE! Last year I set a BIG goal to write a weekly blog.  As I type, I’m meeting this GOAL! I’ve learned a lot about writing, business and you in the past year.  I’m so happy you decided to read along. In honor of this HUGE occasion, I’m sharing with you the three […]

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It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry

My friend Ricki asked me this the other day; “How do you say I’m sorry when you don’t feel like it?  You know, you’ve done something that’s upset a co-worker, it’s not a big deal, and you’re told or know you should apologize to keep the peace or whatever.” (If you’re honest, you’ve asked yourself […]

How to Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

I got an email from a speaker friend the other day asking; “How do speakers know when they’ve made a meaningful impact?  I feel like my only measurement for success would be a standing ovation, people weeping at my content or maybe a parade…these things happen far less than I’d like, and any other reaction leaves […]

Who Are You Trying to Be?

I was catching up with my friend Mike last week when asked me this; “Who do you compare yourself to as a speaker?” Hmmmm. I told him “I work hard not to compare myself to others.” “Yeah, I get that, but like, who do you watch and try to be like?” he asked. If you (or […]

Why I Quit Striving to Be Authentic

Authentic. I hear the word authentic daily in my work. Clients come to me with hope to become more authentic in their presentations, speeches and leadership roles. They want to be more authentic to be the best (fill in the blank). We want to be authentic because it drives connection, builds relationships and trust.  It’s […]

They’re Just Not That Into You

My friend Stefanie (pictured above) sent this text after she’d wrapped up a session that she didn’t go smoothly. It’s a good question, one you’re likely to ask if you talk in front of people regularly. I had a hunch about the lack of energy but needed more details. I called and asked about what […]

Your Delivery Was a Little Weak and Awkward

Feedback. The word alone makes me cringe. Here’s how it goes down. You’ve delivered a presentation, have a performance review or gave a talk, and you get your feedback sheet.  It’s usually  some sort of form that has number rankings, goals, and comments. You’re excited and terrified. Because, well…if you’re like me, no matter how […]