Stop Talking Behind My Back

It was the mid-1980s. Smoking was normal, and latchkey kids were all the rage.  I was in the sixth-grade and the youngest of four siblings with divorced parents. My mom was going to school, working during the day, and partying like a freshman…

You Get What You Pay For

His words hit me like a punch in the gut. A large, burly sort of guy walked up to me in the hall of a business center after I talk I'd given on storytelling and asked, politely, if he could give me some constructive criticism. "Of course!"…


"Why the heck did you ask me if you already knew what you wanted to do?"

Do A Few Things Well

When social media comparison strikes, the urge to try to add more to what we're  already doing is strong because we want to do more of or have what others have. Especially if it's something we're not good at, not doing or have never tried. 

Next Time, I'm Ordering the Pizza

I would have felt much better about myself and my business had I stayed true to my message, not what I thought someone wanted to hear. 

It All Adds Up In The End

It's been my privilege throughout my career as a speech-language pathologist and public speaking/presence coach to work with individuals during particularly difficult times in their lives.  Whether it's been the child, who's never been able…

The Six Failures I will make in 2018

I know what you're thinking. "We are 5 blog-posts in with Alex, and she's gone off the deep end already!  Somebody grab the popcorn...I can't wait to watch this!" Hang on to your bowl...and read on a bit. You see, 2017 didn't turn out at…

I'm Sorry if the Real World Bothers You

It's Sunday morning, and I'm scrolling through Facebook when I come across a post from a Public Speaking group that I follow.  In bold black and white, a woman asked for help in finding places to speak.  There wasn't anything special about…

Dear Pretty Perfect Woman

I struggle with perfectionism. I can't remember a time when I haven't. Here's my letter to those who have struggled too. It's not something I could've shared before...but I can now. Because of the beautiful strong women who've shared their struggles with me.