Learn how to communicate with clarity, conciseness and command.


Learn to carry yourself with confidence, no matter the situation.


Sell yourself, your products, and your ideas, more effectively.


Communicate with Confidence: Virtual Training Series

Registration is open for our next cohort beginning in Feb.

This professional development series is tailored to the unique needs of high performing women seeking to take their communication skills to the next level and who want the benefit of learning in a collaborative environment.

This series is specifically designed with women leaders in mind. The Communicate with Confidence Virtual Training Series is designed to build self-awareness, personal accountability, and the communication skills necessary to succeed in business and life.

100% virtual with weekly touchpoints for six weeks in six- to eight-person cohorts

  • Content is delivered in bite-sized chunks that learners can consume and apply all at once
  • Personal Communication Guide
  • Practice scenarios based on your unique circumstances
  • Access to coach via phone, Voxer, email in between sessions
  • Thirty-minute individual coaching call and access to coach after completion of the series via phone, Voxer, and email

Investment: Pay what you're able to.

Yes, you read that right, you decide what you can afford to pay for the course, and I'll be happy to oblige!

Benefits include;


  • Carrying yourself with confidence no matter the situation
  • Handling issues by talking them through
  • Enjoying increased sales and higher profits, as you learn to make more polished presentations, "sell" yourself -- and your products -- more effectively
  • Assisting individuals, teams, departments and groups in interacting with one another smoothly and productively which in turn will allow people to meet more of their day-to-day deadlines and long-term goals.

I don’t think you realize how impactful this series will be for people."

-Current Client

"I struggle to find solid, practical, and transformative coaching for emerging leaders. Alex has found a special way to connect and transform this generation from individual contributors to the next leaders of our organizations."

-VP, Human Resources

"You would think that after 20 years in the business I would have figured this out on my own, but you know the old saying, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Stop the insanity Alex is money well spent."

-K. Calhoun


Session Agenda and Objectives

Session 1: From Self Conscious to Self-Confident 

  • How imposter syndrome is impacting your communication
  • Specific listening skills to help you tune in to what people are saying
  • How to identify and eliminate weak words, body language and voice patterns that steal your power
  • How to use communication techniques that result in predictable, positive responses from people
  • How to get people to like, respect and support you
  • How to perform confidently in tough situations -- including negotiations, conflicts, essential meetings and crises 

Session 2: You Deserve to Be Heard 

  • Timing is everything: When you're most likely to be heard and when it's better to hold your tongue
  • How to interrupt without offending
  • Crucial differences in how men and women communicate -- and how to use this awareness to get more respect
  • The simple secret of creating an immediate connection
  • Learn why taking yourself seriously affects the way others see you; specific ways to demonstrate your self-respect
  • Making requests in a way that encourages people to cooperate with you

Session 3: Boundaries and Beyond 

  • How to create consistent behaviors that make it easy for you to set limits
  • What to do when you're interrupted or ignored (so you don't get flustered and do get results)
  • What to do when someone bullies or intimidates you
  • Empathy: Your secret weapon for defusing a jerk
  • Say no in a way others respect
  • How to respond when others don't respect your boundaries
  • What to do when someone lies, guilt trips or makes unreasonable requests
  • Gently redefining relationships with your co-workers, so they know where you stand and how you want to be treated 

Session 4: Get Seen and Get Ahead 

  • Five steps to help you speak confidently in public
  • How to proactively prepare to participate in meetings
  • Presentations made simple, one easy framework for all of your presentations
  • Selling your point of view: how to make your idea their idea -- so it's supported enthusiastically

Session 5: Feedback, Coaching, and Affirmation

  • What are the differences? What are you really asking for or giving?
  • When you have to give feedback to others: How to do it kindness and grace
  • How to stay open to feedback without overreacting
  • How to react when challenged, so you come across even stronger.
  • How to build stronger relationships through conflict

Session 6: Putting it all together 

  • Planning for your future communication success
  • Identifying lessons learned
  • What does next level communication look like for you?
  • Celebration