Communicate with Confidence Virtual Training Series

Registration OpenS JULY 1, 2021 for cohort 5

A professional development series tailored to the unique needs of high performing women who want the benefits of exceptional communication and the opportunity to learn in a collaborative environment.


Speak with clarity and command.


Carry yourself with confidence.


Share your ideas & coach others to succeed.



 $1,497.00 per participant 

Company cohort availability and pricing is available upon request.

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public speaking course for women

program overview

This series is designed with executive women leaders in mind. The Communicate with Confidence Virtual Training Series is designed to increase self-confidence, communication, and personal accountability. 

100% virtual with weekly touch points for six weeks

Content is delivered in bite-sized chunks that learners can consume and   apply immediately

Personal Communication Guide

Practice scenarios based on your unique circumstances

Access to coach via phone and email in between sessions

30-minute individual coaching call & virtual access to coach after completion of the series 

"I struggle to find solid, practical, and transformative coaching for emerging leaders. Alex has found a special way to connect and transform this generation from individual contributors to the next leaders of our organizations."
VP, Human Resources


Immediate actionable steps to help you …

Carry yourself with confidence.

Handle conflicts constructively.

Increase sales and profits.

Improve team interactions.


Learn more about the sessions and what you’ll learn.

  1. Discover what  imposter syndrome is and why it may be holding you back in your career 
  2. Learn the difference between confidence and self-esteem and how they impact your ability to communicate effectively
  3. Learn the mindset strategy to immediately create confidence with your thoughts and your words. 
  1. Learn five simple steps to set boundaries. 
  2. Learn three ways to clearly state your personal and professional boundaries. 
  3. Learn what to say and do when someone breaks your boundaries.
  1. Define your leadership presence.
  2. Learn the three elements of leadership presence.
  3. Discover what’s helping and hurting your presence as a leader. 
  1. How to proactively prepare to participate in meetings.
  2. Learn one simple and clear framework for  presentations
  3. Learn what to do when your presentation or meeting goes off track. 

1.) Define feedback, coaching and affirmation. 

2.) Learn how to ask for feedback, affirmation and or coaching.

3.) Learn how to deliver feedback with integrity and grace. 

  1. Demonstrate key lessons learned. 
  2. Plan for future communication success.
  3. Identify needs for continued communication development.



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How did you hear about this program?