Finish what you’ve started

It took me nearly four hours to walk my first half marathon.  Once I finished, I spent the rest of the day alternating between soaking in a hot bath and lying on the couch.  At the time, I was overweight, a closet smoker and thought that Fruity Pebbles were an OK choice for breakfast, lunch, and dessert.

(I think the dessert part may be true)

That was over 17 years ago. Since then I’ve gone on to run thirty half marathons, five full marathons, and countless 5Ks.

I’ve finished every race.

Every race.

Races that were so hot I could barely breathe and ones where my feet sank into snow with every stride.

There were times when I ran injured, sick and tired.  When I thought I wasn’t going to make it to the finish line.

I’ve run alone and with my friends.

I’ve been scared and thought I wouldn’t make it to the finish line.

I’ve raced when I was elated because I knew I would.

What’s exceptional isn’t my performance in any single race. It’s the accumulation of miles and races. The years of dedication, train, ng and persistence.

If I had quit on the tough days, I would’ve missed the chance to celebrate the success that comes with persistence. I wouldn’t be able to look back and remember who I was when I started and marvel at who I am today.

I finish my races not because I’m an elite athelte, genetically superior or somehow gifted.

I finish because I’m unwilling to quit.

Too many people are willing to give up on a dream, a pursuit, or a goal because it takes time. Because it doesn’t come easy. Because they’re tired.

They’re unwilling to finish what they’ve started.

Running may not be your thing but I bet there’s something you’ve signed up for, something you said you wanted to do and haven’t yet accomplished. It hurts and you’re struggling and feeling defeated.  There are days maybe many days when you want more than anything to give up and walk away because you can’t see the finish line.


Don’t quit.

Dig deeper.

Push harder.

You can do this.

There’s no better feeling than finishing what you’ve started.











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