How Not to Get Things Right

We’re human, we make mistakes.  There’s no secret sauce or magic trick that will help you get things right every time.  However, in our ever edited, social media “perfect” world it’s hard to remember that.  If you’ve read anything of mine so far, you know that I’m not afraid to tell you about not so Instagramable” moments in my life.

And today’s post is no different. I’m giving you a “behind the scenes” look at my blog world to see where things didn’t go right.

Titles Gone Wrong:

Titles that remain in my queue, unloved and untouched, for a good reason.

1.) You Making Me Feel Awful

Sometimes grammar can be tricky.

2.) Video Star!

I have no idea what I thought when I wrote this. The only thing that happens when I look at it is that I break out into a rousing rendition of “Video Killed the Radio Star.”  Amusing, but not productive.

3.) Does My Spaghetti Make Any Sense to You?

Apparently, both hungry and confused, I decided this might be a good post.  Yet, when I open it, I find no pasta and no words. Bummer.

4.) Chippers

Chocolate chippers? Wood chippers? Crossfit chippers?  I’ll need you to decide because apparently, I didn’t.

5.) Awkward Chairs

Can chairs be awkward? Probably, however, I lacked the creative talent to make them so.

Phrases That Didn’t Fly:

1.)  “There. I said it. Judge me, judge me, judge me.

My inner toddler made an appearance.  I mean, you were going to do it anyway, why not prompt you?

2.) “and if it doesn’t suit your professional prissy pants ways… then you can $%^@#$.”

Most likely written when hangry, this is a classic example of why you should never post a blog (or email, letter, text) without taking the time to walk away, reread it, and choose better words.

3.) “It seems too late, it’s awkward when you can’t remember them all.”

I found this line in a half-finished blog. It’s awkward to forget what I was supposed to remember here.

4.) “I know about you…”

This is creepy. Not sure why I was creepy, but I was.

5.) “Blah blah blah, then some stuff happened and aren’t we all just better for it.”

While accurate in the broadest sense, this isn’t going to help anyone.


Cringy Worthy Photos



This is Me

Even Max was embarrassed by this photo shoot.  To answer your questions: Yes, that’s a faux beard on my face, and yes, I’ve spent time doubling as a human triangle.



                                                       You’re Making This Awkward

It’s awkward when large sections of my head are missing.



Do a Few Things Well

It’s the glasses, I don’t wear glasses while dodging my kid in the bathroom.



Whadda Ya Think

Apparently, I didn’t think much of the idea of a selfie for this post.



                                                    Why No One Wants to Talk to You

Perhaps it’s because I was trying out a cheesy pose?


OK, now that you’ve had a good laugh over the cringy, silly, awkward mishaps that happen in my world, let me share with you two things to keep in mind when you’re working on a project, talk or really, anything.

1.) You are a work in progress.

It’s OK to be where you are right now and to keep working to be better.

2.)  Everyone makes mistakes. 

Those brave enough to own their mistakes and share them become great leaders, helping others learn, laugh and grow.

Now go, make some mistakes and have some fun along the way! Thanks for letting me share mine with you.

Got a funny flub or crazy mistake? Share it in the comments below and let’s keep this conversation going! 







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