PS-ing my way out of the box

I wrote my first PS in college. 

My sister, Charlotte, and I lived together while we were going to Ball State University.  She’s four years older, smarter and more serious than I am.

I wanted to be just like her.

She helped me pick my major when I decide that nursing school was Not.For.Me

She helped me stay in college when it got rough.

When I went to apply for my first “real” job, I had to submit a resume and a cover letter. 

I knew nothing about cover letters and my employment history up to that point had included two years of waitressing, a brief stint at a daycare and a few years in retail.

So, Charlotte sat me down at our P.C., that my dad built for us to use while we were in school.  Approximately forty-five minutes, sixty-three prayers and two frozen burritos later, the computer was warmed up enough for me start writing.

I sat with her and wrote all the “right words.  It was exhausting, for her and me.

My comments were;

This is ridiculous?!”

“Why do I have to explain in three paragraph form what position I want?  Don’t they look at what job I applied for?”

You’re telling me I’ve got to write why I’m uniquely qualified to do this job, with zero experience, and then thank this person I don’t know graciously but not too graciously for their time?!”

“What does that even mean?”

As far as I’m concerned, she qualified for sainthood that day.

As I wrapped up, tired and contemplating another frozen burrito, I got to the end, and I wrote this…

P.S. “To summarize, I’m a good person, and I need a job.”

-Love Alex

I didn’t know the importance of that PS at the time, but I know now.

That PS that I wrote, that was me, PS-ing my way out of the box. Challenge the status quo, making my mark.  If only my 22-year old self could see where that PS has led me now.

I don’t what your mark is, but I believe that you have one. I believe you’re making one right now.  A mark that’s probably obvious to lots of other people but not so much to you.

Look around at what you do, at what you say and how you say it. Don’t look too hard.

If it’s like my PS, it’s probably hiding right in front of you.




Thanks, Charlotte. I love you more than words can say

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