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Keynote: What to Do When Weird Things Happen … Because They Will

Your worst public speaking nightmares come true: your mind goes blank mid-sentence; the technology you’ve triple checked fails; you’re heckled by the woman in the back row; or, lost in a sea of boredom, your entire audience falls asleep.

In this humorous and informative keynote, Alex draws from years of experience with public speaking flubs, blunders and difficulties. She shares her personal stories of public speaking adventures gone wrong, how she’s handled them (or not) and what to do when your perfectly-planned presentation or speech falls apart.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Slaying the Sandman: Avoid boredom and engage your audience.
  • Hecklers and Hooligans: An audience member goes rogue. Learn how to handle the situation using these three strategies .
  • Going Blank: Four ways to get your head back in the game when you go blank.
  • Technology Trauma: Your technology will fail. Learn how to react when it happens.
  • Negative Nellies: Responding to negative/unwanted feedback. What to do when naysayers strike.

Looking for one-time professional development sessions for your team or conference? Check out these 40 to 60-minute sessions, and choose from the following topics!

  • Avoid Death by PowerPoint: Avoid boring your audience and leave them with a clear picture of your message. Learn how to use and not use PowerPoint.
  • Say What You Need to Say: Organize and prepare your content with one simple formula.
  • Meeting Monsters: Time waste, bore, and miscommunication. Discover why they happen and what to do about them.

Does your team present often? Do you want them to up their game? This option is for you.

Presentation Skills Training Series; Ideal for 3-7 Participants

Six sessions that include:

  • Show Me What You’ve Got: An initial five-point presentation assessment and a one-on-one meeting with Alex to discuss results and set development goals.
  • Avoiding Death by PowerPoint: How to use and not use PowerPoint, avoid boring the audience, and leave them with a clear picture of your message.
  • Say What You Need to Say: One efficient way to organize and prepare content, so it’s easy to understand and tailored to the audience.
  • What to Do When Weird Things Happen: Strategies for dealing with the most common presentation fears that are preventing your team from sharing your message in a clear and memorable way.
  • Ya Gotta Have a Plan: Your team will develop a clear action plan for its continued communication development.
  • Show Off: A post-assessment of presentation skills, showcasing skills learned during the program.

Bonus Features:

  • One-on-one attention and feedback.
  • Open phone and email access to Alex throughout the session for pre-presentation/meeting 911 calls.
  • Use of your company’s pre-existing content during Avoiding Death by PowerPoint.


Let’s get started!