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Keynote: What to Do When Weird Things Happen … Because They Will

Picture your worst public speaking fears come true.

Your mind goes blank mid-sentence; the technology you’ve triple checked fails; you’re heckled by the woman in the back row; or, lost in a sea of boredom, your entire audience falls asleep. You really do forget to wear pants…

or even worse…they all laugh AT you. 

In this humorous and informative keynote, I’ll tell you about some of my worst public speaking experiences. From calling the Presdient of a company the wrong name (in front of his entire staff) to being heckled by a woman who was irate about something I said.  I’ve got  years of experience with public speaking trauma, mistakes and crazy weird moments and I’ll tell you how I’ve handled them how  (or not) and what you can do when your “perfectly-planned” talk falls apart.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How not to be boring and engage with your audience.
  • How to handle a heckler
  • What to do when your mind goes blank
  • What to do when your tech fails (because it will)
  • How to handle negative feedback

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