Want to create connections with your staff and clients? Storytelling is the way to go.

Keynote: Lead with your Story

You love a good story … and a good storyteller.  Why do you remember the story about the neighbor’s dog eating baseboards, but you can’t recall today’s meeting agenda? What separates good storytellers from bad ones?

Stories are one of the greatest communication skills you can use to enhance your business and personal life. Why aren’t you telling more? Chances are you’re already using stories occasionally, but you’re not using them when and where you should. And, you’re missing opportunities to connect with clients and grow your businesses because of it.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • Fabulous Five: Five must-haves of professional and personal storytelling.
  • Strategic Sharing: When to share, or not share your story.
  • Story Slip-Ups: Three things to avoid when practicing.
  • The Story of You: Five reasons why stories create connections with your audience and why showcasing your story as a leader build rapport and relationships.

Looking for one-time professional development sessions for your team or conference? Check out these 40 to 60-minute sessions, and choose from the following topics!

  • The Science Behind Storytelling: Drive customer engagement through the science of storytelling.
  • What’s Wrong With Your Story? Learn the most common story telling errors and what to do about them.
  • Sounding Like a Storyteller: You sound boring! Capture the attention of your audience and create a clear call to action with four strategies.
  • Create Your Story: You’ll learn the five essential components of storytelling and craft a story outline to use and reuse whenever you need.

*This session requires 30-60 minutes of pre-work sent out approximately two weeks in advance.


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