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Your Details Are Wasting Dollars. How to avoid getting yourself and your listeners lost when you talk.

“I want to make sure I hit every detail, you know, so they know that I know what I’m talking about." “I like to know all the details, so I want them to know all the details.” “But what if I miss something?” Sound familiar? Is…

You're Making This Awkward

You've got to meet Bryn... Bryn is the owner and head coach at my gym Three Kings Athletics.  He's wicked smart, strong, funny, and caring.  If you're lucky enough to cross his path, he'll motivate you to be a better athlete and a better…

Do A Few Things Well

When social media comparison strikes, the urge to try to add more to what we're  already doing is strong because we want to do more of or have what others have. Especially if it's something we're not good at, not doing or have never tried.