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Success smells like laundry detergent

I find it easy to get sucked into the idea that success is complicated. That my greatest achievements are determined by profit and loss sheets, that success is measured in numbers of clients, deals closed or projects completed. I compare,…
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Should you do a TEDx talk?

If you've been around me or read my email newsletter these past few months you know it's been an exciting time here at PS. I've spent the last six weeks getting ready to talk at TEDxUCincinnati. Saturday was the big day and let me tell…
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It's Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry

My friend Ricki asked me this the other day; “How do you say I’m sorry when you don’t feel like it?  You know, you’ve done something that's upset a co-worker, it’s not a big deal, and you’re told or know you should apologize…
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Where Did You Start?

This is me before my high school graduation. The photos are fuzzy. Yes, that's a Marborlo light in my mouth. I started smoking when I was fourteen years old, and it took me until my mid-thirties to stop completely. I used one of…

Why You Dream of Being the Bearded Lady'd stand there and let the door slam in your face. 

I'm Sorry if the Real World Bothers You

It's Sunday morning, and I'm scrolling through Facebook when I come across a post from a Public Speaking group that I follow.  In bold black and white, a woman asked for help in finding places to speak.  There wasn't anything special about…

Dear Pretty Perfect Woman

I struggle with perfectionism. I can't remember a time when I haven't. Here's my letter to those who have struggled too. It's not something I could've shared before...but I can now. Because of the beautiful strong women who've shared their struggles with me.