You're Trying Too Hard

  I was a freshman in college when learned my boyfriend's sister had a birthday coming up.  Anxious to impress her because she was important to him, I went out and promptly bought her a head to toe outfit from American Eagle.  Bath and…

Why You Dream of Being the Bearded Lady'd stand there and let the door slam in your face. 

This Blog Blows...

This blog has been a gigantic time sucking leech stuck to my butt for the last week. It's been singularly unrewarding, frustrating and downright maddening to write. Do you know how many stupid hours I've sat here, in my blogging chair, writing…

Dear Pretty Perfect Woman

I struggle with perfectionism. I can't remember a time when I haven't. Here's my letter to those who have struggled too. It's not something I could've shared before...but I can now. Because of the beautiful strong women who've shared their struggles with me.

Cringing in My Car

Chances are you've been here before.  You're sitting with a group of friends or acquaintances swapping stories.  You share something that's personal or shows your personality, and it seems OK at the time.  As you leave, you start to replay the conversation in your head.  You begin to pick apart what you said... it was too personal, it wasn't accurate, it was dumb... Etc.