Next Time, I'm Ordering the Pizza

I would have felt much better about myself and my business had I stayed true to my message, not what I thought someone wanted to hear. 

The Six Failures I will make in 2018

I know what you're thinking. "We are 5 blog-posts in with Alex, and she's gone off the deep end already!  Somebody grab the popcorn...I can't wait to watch this!" Hang on to your bowl...and read on a bit. You see, 2017 didn't turn out at…

Cringing in My Car

Chances are you've been here before.  You're sitting with a group of friends or acquaintances swapping stories.  You share something that's personal or shows your personality, and it seems OK at the time.  As you leave, you start to replay the conversation in your head.  You begin to pick apart what you said... it was too personal, it wasn't accurate, it was dumb... Etc.