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The one thing people really want from you when you talk

Picture this: you're at work and trying to explain to Steve (a co-worker) how a new software program works. You think you're giving directions that are clear, however, Steve is getting fidgety. Then he turns red in the face and then gets…
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Are You Overthinking Giving Feedback? One question to ask yourself when you're debating whether or not you should "say something?"

I needed to give some feedback to a good friend and colleague. She was frustrated about the way a few collaborative projects had turned out.  She's an incredible person, consistently supporting others.  More often than not, though,  she's…

Are You Direct or Indirect?

"It cost us $8,000," Ben said. He was talking about a situation where he " was just talking through things out loud" and "the next thing you know, things got done."  (The thing that got done was unapproved rental of a very expensive…

Cringing in My Car

Chances are you've been here before.  You're sitting with a group of friends or acquaintances swapping stories.  You share something that's personal or shows your personality, and it seems OK at the time.  As you leave, you start to replay the conversation in your head.  You begin to pick apart what you said... it was too personal, it wasn't accurate, it was dumb... Etc.