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What would you say today if you knew tomorrow you’d never speak again?

Don’t gloss over this question with the standard response, “I’d tell my loved ones how much I love them.” Of course, you would.

Go deeper.

There’s more, isn’t there?  More people you’d talk to? More questions you’d ask? What amends would you make?

If you knew you wouldn’t have the chance to say anything else, what would you ask for? What stories would you share? What advice would you give?  You’d want to leave something behind, an imprint of yourself, your ideas.  You’d want to leave your story behind others to remember and learn from.  Wouldn’t you.

How many times today will you walk away from a conversation thinking, “I wish I would’ve said…?”  When will you quit admonishing yourself for keeping your words of wisdom to yourself? Not your crappy, grumpy words (you’re human, you have those), but the words you carry that are inspiring, creative, and kind? The words you know, somewhere, deep down, will make a difference. When will you move forward, despite your doubts, despite the fear of rejection, to say what you need and want to say?

You have a tremendous gift in your ability to speak.  You can create change within yourself and with others. You can heal, to inspire, to change the trajectory of someone else’s life…to shift the trajectory of your own.

Tomorrow isn’t promised.

We have a finite number of chances to use our words for the greater good.  So I ask you again, what would you say today if you knew tomorrow you’d never speak again?



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