Why You Dream of Being the Bearded Lady

Come on now…you’re not a stranger to The Greatest Showman.  You spend way too much time dancing around your living room, remote as your mic, dreaming with your eyes wide open.  You don’t admit it to your friends, but you are totally car karaoke-ing your way to work.

We’re all doing it.

Well, maybe not all of us. If you’ve started reading this blog and feel lost already, I suggest you step away now and peruse some of my other offerings (perhaps this?)

This is going to get intense.

OK… now that we’re alone let’s talk.

I know you… every night you lie in bed, a million dreams are keeping you awake.

You want to get away from the same old part you gotta play.

Towns of gold will never be enough for you.

Oh yeah! This stuff is the soundtrack of our lives.  Especially to those of us who’ve longed somewhere deep inside to show our own inner bearded lady to the world.

You dream of being her. Standing at the door, waiting to join the party.  As Barnum shuts the door in your face, and you know you have a split second to decide if you want to let the world shut you out again, or if you’re going to take a stand and be yourself for all the world to see.

Cue the music!

But what would you really do?

Deep down, you know exactly how it feels to be rejected.

You’ve learned that showing your “flaws” or weaknesses is bad.

So you’d stand there and let the door slam in your face. 

Your big bold bearded lady dancing will remain forever confined to your living room.

Now you’re saying…

“But..but Alex…I’m a professional. Even though I might want to…I just can’t show people that I’ve made mistakes, have bruises, or am flawed. I can’t be human.”

I say you’re wrong.

What if the one thing the world needs to see right now, is your big bold bearded lady self?

Look, if you’re still reading this, you’re the person at work, at school, at home who needs to do this the MOST.

You want others to engage, connect with and follow you.

You have amazing stories to share that would make a difference to the people around you.

But are you sharing them?


I’m telling you…you gotta lead your own bearded lady charge.

I’m not saying you need to share everything (*note we don’t see the Bearded Lady trimming or plucking out the grays).

But you need to show enough of yourself that others know that you’re human, just like they are.

Of course, there’ll be those who reject, disregard and judge you.

Let them.

Whose cheers are you really chasing?

(let that one sink in)

It’s up to you, and it’s up to me.

My friend, I think it’s time we rewrite the stars, and from now on, start showing up as who we are.

In BIGBOLD, bearded lady ways.


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