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You’re Built for a Time Such as This

You’re built for a time such as this.

My friend, I can’t think of anyone better to handle what’s going on in the world right now than you.

Yep, you. 

There’s no one I can think of that’s better equipped to handle the impact of health, social, and political crises that are occurring than you. Think I’m crazy? Hear me out. I promise I’m not asking you to run for office. I want you to start taking control of your life because I have hope for our future.

You see, here’s what I know about you and humans in general. We’re built to handle hard times; it’s how we’ve survived this long on the planet. Take a look at our history, we’ve been struggling since we got started. Think about it this way; we have history to look back and learn from; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.  

What if, instead of complaining about your circumstances, you chose to look at this moment as the moment you’re meant to succeed? What would happen if instead of waiting for “things to get better,” you looked at today and asked yourself, “what am I going to do, right now, to make my life better?”

What if, instead of looking at social media or what your coworkers and friends are doing, you looked at yourself and asked, “Is this how I want to be speaking, acting, thinking?” What if, instead of expecting others to be different, you challenged yourself to speak, act, and think differently?

What would change if you decided to interrupt the thought loop in your head that says, “I don’t know what to do!” “I don’t know what to say.” “There’s so much going wrong.” And said instead thought “I know what I can do right now that will help.”, “I know one thing I can do right now, “I know what to say that will help.” or “Here are the things I see that are good.”

How would your life change if instead of “waiting to see” (which is often stopping all progress), you kept moving forward, bit by bit, making the changes you need to make to become the person you want to be? What if, instead of trying to muscle through it all on your own, you decided to reach out to someone you know can help?

How would your life change for the better? How would those changes, in turn, improve the lives of the people you care about?  

I believe you’re built for a time such as this; I believe you’re designed to succeed during a time like this, in ways past your wildest imagination because it is a time like this. 

You have an internal GPS that will guide you, don’t fight it, trust it. Decide to feel confident, even in uncertainty. Focus on what’s going right. Ask for help, that’s what strong people do. Embrace the awkwardness of the learning process and make it your own.  And no matter what, keep moving forward, despite your circumstances because you’re built for a time such as this.

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