What If You Decided to be Confident?

My daughter, Carmen, is wise.

The other day we were talking about confidence.  She sails through life feeling good about who she is and what she does.  She always has.

When she was three, I gave her crackers and cheese slices. She  placed a slice of cheese on top of a cracker, held it up and exclaimed:

I a child genius.”

(the irony of her statement wasn’t lost on us).

At eight, when  I offered her dance lessons, she told me;

“I don’t need lessons momma; I already know how to dance.”

At eleven, she told us that if she “had a source of income and access to transportation” she would no longer need parents.


Confidence is her game.

So, I asked her the other day, “Baby, why are you so confident?”

She thought about it for half a second and said

Being anything other than confident seems like a lot of work, and I don’t want to do that much work.”


Let that sink in for a moment.


How would things change during your next conversation or meeting if you stopped worrying about being confident?

How would you listen, speak and act, if you were nothing but confident?

What would happen if you told yourself all the ways you’re confident vs. focusing on the ways you think you aren’t?

Give it a shot today, be confident.  You’ve got more than you’re giving yourself credit for.




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