Are You Competing or Adding?

A couple of weeks ago, I attended DisruptHR Indy, a TED talk-inspired event focused on disrupting the world of human resources.

I was there to support one of my clients and to cheer on all the other speakers, several who are good friends of mine.

It was like Christmas for me. Standing in the back, watching people I care about doing something that they love, speaking about things that matter to them.

Since we’re all business owners in various stages of our careers, it could’ve turned into a competition.

There could’ve been whispers of things like…

“Aw man, you did better than he/she did.” 

“She was off her game tonight huh?”

I could’ve done better than that.” 

Instead, we rotated in and out of seats, cheering, clapping, hugging, praying and genuinely rooting for each other.  That kind of spirit is contagious, and it contributed to the overall success of the event. People felt the energy in the room that we created by being additive, not competitive with each other.

It makes me wonder what we miss when we’re competing with each other instead of adding to each other’s lives.

Because, in the end, we don’t have much if we don’t have each other.  It’s that simple.

My goal is to add to your life rather than compete with it.

Today I’m challenging you to ask yourself, “What am I doing that’s adding to the lives of those around me?”

Check out these pictures from DisruptHR and my life this past month. These people know how to add…




I’d love for you to add to my life by dropping your thoughts in the comments below!


P.S. Today’s featured picture is of me and my friend Ricki. While we may “compete” against each other in the gym every day, she adds to my life in more ways than I can count.

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  1. Justin Goodin
    Justin Goodin says:

    Love this and SO true!! I just made a jokingly comment on LinkedIn about you being “competition” to someone else on there with the positive energy you have. This “energy” is always contageious and I hope more can develop this wonderful vibe you and many others are providing to the world. Keep pushing forward to the fullest!! 🙂


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